What is it?

Automation platform for mass and operational recruitment processes

Candidate interviews 24/7.

Capacity for up to 3,000 interviews per day

How does it work?

Streamline your recruitment process

Reclutachat is a specialized technological tool for operational recruitment, conducting up to 3,000 daily interviews, automating candidate selection regardless of the talent attraction source. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures the hiring of the best candidate to enhance organizational outcomes.

Why choose us?

Automation enhances human capacity

Conducts over 3,000 daily interviews, selecting only optimal candidates for in-person interviews

Enhances candidate experience by responding to thousands of messages simultaneously, always in a friendly manner

25% appreciate the attention provided by Reclutachat


Automation of the selection process

Access to a cloud-based platform for selecting automated processes

Recording essential information for detailed metrics

Creation of a segmented database for effective control of candidates with tracking of their status and warnings about previous selection processes with the organization

Multiple Countries, Multiple Languages

Do you need to manage multiple countries?
We are where you need us.

We are present in various countries; our chat communicates in different languages and assists thousands of people in finding jobs in companies that trust our service. The chat adapts to the language of the selected country.

The main admin can oversee each country from their account without the need for other accounts. Each country manages its vacancies, chats, recruiters, and its independent database.

Recruit Faster

Your Perfect Ally in Recruitment

Enhance candidate experience by responding to thousands of messages simultaneously, always in a friendly manner.

Automation Boosts Human Capacity

Better Data Control


Reclutachat has an administration system that enables the main administrator to view complete processes by country, region, and zone. This way, you can track the actions of managers and recruiters to interpret vacancy and hiring data collaboratively.