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Save up to 50% on costs and time in your personnel selection processes.

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Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

Find and hire the best talent more effectively.

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Mia Meraki

We provide groundbreaking solutions for organizations across Latin America.

Mia Meraki

Te ofrecemos soluciones con inteligencia artificial para la selección del personal inexistentes en el mercado latinoamericano.

Reduced Turnover

Enhance retention and productivity with highly skilled and committed staff.

Hundreds of Candidates at a Click

Cientos de candidatos a un solo clic

Effortlessly centralize recruitment information. Access over 750 million CVs on a single platform.

Algorithms at Your Fingertips

With algorithms that analyze up to 350 candidate data points, you get precise predictions with minimal margin for error.

Find Your Ideal Candidate

Encuentra a tu candidato ideal

Accelerate your hiring processes with Artificial Intelligence. Discover the perfect candidate from thousands of resumés in record time.


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Reclutachat is an advanced technological tool designed for candidate recruitment in the operational sector. This platform conducts over 3,000 interviews a day, automating candidate selection regardless of talent attraction source. Hiring the most suitable candidate allows you to save valuable time and resources while significantly enhancing organizational outcomes.

Capable of conducting over 3,000 daily interviews
Users appreciate the attention provided by Reclutachat

X0pA is an Artificial Intelligence platform designed to revolutionize hiring. Our aim is to significantly save time and costs while maintaining objectivity in the selection process.

We harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to search, assess, and classify talent, identifying the perfect candidate for each company. Through our patented algorithms, X0pA offers:

Reduction in hiring times
Minimization of biases in the selection process
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With hireEZ, we centralize information for recruitment professionals. The Hiretual platform gives you access to over 750 million resumes in one place.

hireEZ’s Artificial Intelligence searches and constructs relevant profiles from various platforms such as LinkedIn, Google, and more, to automate and optimize the hunting process.

Our tool enables you to connect with selected profiles in just one click. It sends personalized emails with relevant vacancy information, streamlining interview scheduling.

Increased hires per recruiter
Reduced CV search time

Leading tools that save up to 90% of your time in personnel selection.

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Artificial Intelligence Experts for Recruitment

Unique predictive algorithms in the Latin American market, new in Mexico. Our database is enriched with current information from over 50 million processed candidates.


Somos los únicos en el mercado en predecir una relevancia del CV del candidato vs el puesto del perfil.


En el mercado mexicano no existe un algoritmo como el nuestro de predicción de lealtad del candidato con la empresa.


Sólo nuestro software pronostica el rendimiento esperado por candidato.


Companies incorporating Artificial Intelligence could potentially increase their profits by 35%.

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